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2017 NCAA National Signing Day

Today was a very special day for Maui United Soccer Club as it was National Signing Day across the country.  We are honored to share that seven Maui United seniors signed their National Letter of Intent, accepting their scholarship offers to play soccer at the university level in the fall.  

Paytin Ayau (Div 1 Utah Valley University)
Laukoa Santos (Div 1 San Diego State University)
Leialoha Medeiros (Div 1 UH Manoa)
Taylor Rusnak (Div 1 UH Manoa)
Skylar Littlefield (Div 1 Sacramento State University)
Austin Schneider (Div 1 San Jose State University)
Braden Kojima (Div 3 Pacific University)

Congratulations to these players and their families.  These student athletes have been training and playing with MUSC for many years, putting in the work sacrificing on the field and in the classroom.  As we share with our current young players here at MUSC, life is about hard work, respect, believing in yourself, and perseverance.  None of this would be possible without the commitment of all our staff coaches, club administrators, team managers, and board members.  Everyone has worked very hard over the years to organize travel opportunities for these players so they could develop and gain the exposure from college coaches. A special thank you to Tom and Vicki Soo Hoo as you both did so much throughout the years for those 99 boys (Paytin, Braden, Laukoa, and Austin).  Lastly, there are a handful of other seniors who are still in the process of committing.  With the continued teamwork of our (players, parents, coaches, and club admins) the future is bright for our next generation.  Go United! 

Leialoha Medeiros-(Division 1 UH Manoa) 
This entire experience has changed my life. The moment I signed the paper, I knew all the hard work and dedication was worth it. Training with Maui United has most definitely elevated my game and has pushed me to be the player i knew I could be. I am grateful for this once in a lifetime opportunity to play D1 soccer, and I couldn't have done it without the support of my family, my teammates, and MUSC coaching staff.

Paytin Ayau- (Division 1 Utah Valley University)
Thank you for all you do Coach Brent. The philosophy that you taught the coaching staff of Maui United and us to believe in is truly remarkable. None of us would have been here with these opportunities if it wasn't for you and the MUSC coaches efforts. You paved the way for my success, and all I had to do was to keep grinding and stick with the system. I never turned my back on you or the club, because I knew where it would take me. I hope that the younger generations can see that this club will take you places, and give you opportunities if you work hard enough and believe in the system.  Sending  players to Division 1 schools from the small islands that we come from is amazing. I am proud to attend Utah Valley University (top 25 D1 in the nation) to play in the WAC, and I am also grateful to come from Maui United because this club is one of the main reasons for my recent success.  I have learned so much about life, to make good choices, and to be respectful to all off the field.  Maui United coaches are about life lessons and developing good people.  Thank you for preparing me for life. 

Laukoa Santos- (Division 1 San Diego State)
Thank you for everything Coach Brent, I would not have been able to do it without you. I am speechless... Hard work, and dedication can get you anywhere.  I can't believe I will be playing in the PAC 12.  Playing with Maui united has truly been an honor.  You and your coaches created an environment that has helped me and several other players develop. Maui united certainly helped me land a d1 scholarship from San Diego State University (PAC 12)

Taylor Rusnak- (Division 1 UH Manoa)
Today was an amazing day one I will truly never forget. It allowed me to reflect back on all the coaches,trainers,friends, and family that gave me so much support throughout this journey. I cannot express how thankful I am to know that coaching staff at Maui United has and always will be there to support me throughout my soccer career, there is no better feeling. They've taught me valuable life lessons values throughout the game of soccer, and for that I am truly grateful! As well as Maui United, my parents taught me to work hard and be courageous in everything I do, and without their support I would not be able to say I am an athlete at a division 1 school. I am beyond grateful for unwavering support I have received!