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“The Golden Years of Learning and Development!”

Program Description:

During these important formative ages, Maui United Soccer Club will look to build a strong core of soccer skills to enhance confidence and soccer insight. Through progres-sive skill development sessions throughout the year and early tactical training while on our Maui United teams, each player will be developing with the MUSC methodology that has been inspired from the top clubs and soccer countries in the world, like FC Barcelona (Spain), Bayern Munich (Germany) and AJAX (Netherlands). Through these year-round training and playing opportunities in various Maui Soccer Leagues, and other tournaments, MUSC will strive to make these formative years the golden years of learning and development for your son or daughter!

As a team of coaches we are all working towards the desired goal of possession-based team soccer. We will be implementing well designed age-appropriate training methods that challenge and excited the youth player to reach new levels each and every week. At these ages (8-10), the young player is in “The Golden Age of Learning” and can pick up both tactical concepts and skills very quickly. With the MUSC Age-Appropriate teaching curriculum we look to develop players who are comfortable, confident, creative. Ball-master mastery and technical training along with early tactical teaching will also be part of every training and game day.

Consistency of Message:

Developing players is both an art and a science. During these Foundation years, we strive to have consistency of message along with good, energetic coaching, with an eye for the technical details, demonstration. We look to develop the player both technically and tactically which will successfully lead the player into the next phase of their development in our Developmental Academy teams.

“These are very important years for player development and we put great effort and thought into how we can best serve these young players. We are looking for each player to continue to gain a superb level of ‘comfort on the ball’, confidence in the 1 vs 1 situation, and the ability to receive, pass and provide support and begin to value ball possession. We strive to have a distinct and consistent playing style and ball possession is a key theme. At this age it vital for the young player to begin to learn the “value of the ball” and to begin to learn how to play within a group of players and as a team that also collectively values possession-based soccer. Our goal is much more than winning a soccer game; our goal is to develop intelligent, creative, highly-aware, team-oriented players who are excellent passers of the ball. We want to illuminate some joyful insights into the game and how it can be played in a special way.”

Kane Coyle, Director of Foundation Development

Additional Information:

For Questions or Information on how your son or daughter can join one of our FOUNDATION Teams  please contact Brent Nunes at