Aikala Chappell (MUSC01B) Personal View of Maui United Soccer Club

U17 USDA Team Captain - San Jose Earthquakes

From a very young age, I was taught to believe that I can do anything I put my mind to.  I always knew I would be leaving to pursue my dream, but nothing truly prepares you for saying goodbye at 15 to your family, friends and everything familiar.  However, growing up with a mother that pushed me to be my best and benefitting from experienced coaches definitely paved the path in the right direction.  I grew up in Maui United and my coaches were practically like fathers, they didn’t just teach me to be a better player, they taught me how to be a better person. So much about success in soccer is about the whole person, not just our soccer skills. Maturity, leadership, professionalism and confidence are skills that are required to make it. MUSC helped mold me as a player, but more importantly, it taught me who I was as a leader and what it takes to compete at the next level. - Aikala Chappell


Aikala Chappell (MUSC 01B) now San Jose Earthquake's U17 USDA team captain is having a great year with 18 goals and 5 assists. Aikala is really finding his home in the Bay Area and gaining some national attention.